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Supermicro Unveils New AMD-based Workstation Relase!

Supermicro has extended its industry-proven workstation family with a new-generation server-grade high-end workstation featuring the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 3000WX Series Processor with up to 64 cores.

The highly versatile, configurable platform harnesses the power of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Processor with up to 64 cores and 128 PCI-E 4.0 lanes, doubling the data throughput of the previous generation. The new workstation (AS -5014A-TT) dramatically boosts productivity for demanding professional workloads found in media content creation, scientific research, visualization, deep learning (DL) and artificial intelligence (AI), virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR), and 3-D modeling with real-time simulation.

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Supermicro + AMD EPYC™
Optimized Performance for Modern Data Center Workloads Brochure!

Supermicro offers the world's most versatile portfolio of servers, blades, and GPU-optimized systems, powered by AMD EPYC™ processors.

These flexible and highly configurable systems deliver optimized performance for modern data center workloads while providing cost-effective versatility with compelling TCO and TCE.

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Supermicro + AMD EPYC™
World-Record Performance and Density Overview!

Supermicro's A+ product family packs more power in a smaller footprint than many systems in the market, with more CPU cores, more GPUs, more NVMe drives, and more high-speed networking connections, achieved through our innovative system architectures and thermal designs, developed in close collaboration with AMD.

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Next Generation
10G ToR Switch - SSE-X3548S/SR Release!

We just released a next generation Layer 3 10G switch SSE-X3548S/SR.
48 – 10G SFP+ Ports with 6 – 100G uplink ports
Built for high performance using 25G silicon underneath
Key Features – MLAG, VRRP, RDMA, VXLAN
Manageability – REST API, Ansible
Interoperable with Cisco and Arista 100G core switches
Software : Preinstalled Supermicro Software – no licensing required

Cost optimized design: List price is close to 50% of our current 10G switches and much more cost effective than competitor 10G switches.

This switch is ideal for rack level aggregation, storage distribution, HPC applications, and best suited for system integrators for their solution products.

Using Supermicro switches on the racks, customers can save money not only on switches but also on cables as they do not need buy 40+ Cisco/Arista certified expensive cables.


X12SCV-LVDS Released

The X12CSV-LVDS has been product released. The mass production version boards will be ready in early of December. Please help to share this information to your customers. If you have demand for this board, please place your order ASAP, purchasing team can help to pull in goods accordingly


Made in Silicon Valley, Computing for Mother Earth

Charles Liang shares his vision for Supermicro with The Wall Street Journal

Charles Liang built a computing powerhouse with a vision of leading a green computing revolution. Now, Supermicro’s ready to pursue new markets with its energy-efficient products.

In this interview for The Wall Street Journal, Ramin Beheshti, Chief Product & Technology Officer for Dow Jones, spoke with Charles Liang to find out more about his goals for Supermicro and his future plans.

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Supermicro develops the most efficient supercomputer anywhere on earth

Supermicro and Preferred Networks (PFN) collaborated to develop the most efficient supercomputer anywhere on earth, earning the #1 position on the Green500 list. The MN-3 supercomputer reached a record 21.11 Gigaflops of performance-per-watt on a benchmark run that delivered a total performance of 1.62 Petaflops.

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