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Resource-Saving SuperMikro Architecture

IT managers are increasingly seeking out suppliers of high performance, cost-effective and energy-efficient Green IT products. Their primary objective is to reduce skyrocketing data center operational costs, a large proportion of which are energy related costs. As these energy costs continue to escalate, users will need to spend significantly more to power and cool their server hardware than they require to purchase it.

To maximize the impact, we have introduced an overall architecture that optimizes datacenter power, cooling, shared resources and refresh cycles. This innovative approach focuses on reusing system enclosures, enabling the modular refresh of subsystems and using optimized extended life subsystems, including networking, storage, cooling, fans and power supplies. By disaggregating CPU and memory, each resource can be refreshed independently allowing datacenters to reduce refresh cycle costs. Implementation of this architecture in the datacenter has significant positive implications.



The Resource-Saving Architecture operates in a large-scale datacenter environment leveraging Supermicro Rack Scale Design (RSD) to manage racks of disaggregated servers, pooled composable storage, and networking with industry standard Redfish management. When viewed over a three- to five-year refresh cycle, disaggregated rack scale design will deliver on-average a higher performance and more efficient servers at lower costs than a traditional rip-and replace model by allowing data centers to independently optimize adoption of new and improved technologies.